Marketing on a Military Base

(Photo) Princesses delight military families at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Events like these are sponsored by businesses as a way to get in front of the audience as well as support military families.

When marketing to the military community, there is a little thing in the way.  Actually, it’s large … and has barbed wire.

Getting on the inside of a military base, past the guards and in front of the audience is no easy task.  There are rules, classified issues, and competition that make it difficult.

But there are some solutions …

  1. Base newspapers.  Many military bases still have print products with a captured audience because what is inside those newspapers are not replicated elsewhere.  It is base info and features you can’t find in other mediums, therefore, your message has the eyes of the base on it.  To find these, simply google the name of the base and newspaper and you will find them.  Here is an example.
  2. MWR.  If you haven’t heard of this organization before, they are the government agency on base that manages the fun and family events.  And, MWR offers both on base ad space as well as booth space at on base family events.  For off base events, you can check out a company like Task Force Media, here.
  3. Base housing. Most base housing is controlled by private companies, and those companies offer community housing events and provide booth space to sponsors.  Check out the companies that control housing here.
  4. The Exchange/commissaries. These are the grocery stores and shopping centers on base, and they often have their own pr, advertising and on base selling opportunities separate from MWR.  More on them here and here.
  5. AUSA, AFA and Navy League. The non-profit professional organizations of the military often have working relationships with commands and units and are another way to find marketing opportunities such as booth space at unit barbecues and events.  To find these, Google the base, and then find the local chapter by indicating the Association of the United States Army, Air Force Association or Navy League.

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