Moderating blogs and social media

With much of our marketing taking place in a digital world the need for moderation has grown significantly. From the need to moderate facebook comments, blog comments and so much more it can sometimes feel daunting and as if “trolls” are taking over your comment sections.

But even with as daunting as it may seem it’s an important aspect to ensure your brand and your brand’s integrity is being protected. 

The digital world will more than likely always be full of  unproductive participants whose goals are to comment in a negative way and steer a conversation in a different direction, but there are certainly ways we can better work to prevent this. 

One of these ways is to provide a better structure for respondents to engage with your content. Engagement is good and the goal should never be to reduce engagement in an effort to spend less time moderating. Instead you want to set-up your post with exactly what you want your audience to comment on. This can be done by eliminating ambiguous questions such as “What was your opinion on this piece?” and asking more direct questions on particular topics in the article such as, “If you have experience buying a car online, what particular part of the buying process worked well for you?” 

Another option is to have an in-house person help guide and steer the conversation in the comments section themselves. They’re used as a middle man to ensure the conversation keeps focus and to ask additional questions in the comment section to guide the dialogue in a positive direction. It’s usually best to have a non-bias person take on this role, rather than the author or the piece that is being commented on. This will help remove emotions tied to the piece and keep it focused on having a multi-opinion conversation.

If the task  of moderation seems overly daunting or too time consuming for your in-house team, there are plenty of companies whose sole purpose is to moderate your various different digital platforms. Below are just a few: 

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