Meet military face to face

Because it is extremely difficult to get on to a military base to distribute your marketing messages in person, it’s good to know there are some legal options to get in front of military customers.

To actually go on to a base, you should know about MWR – Morale, Welfare & Recreation which, in effect, is the marketing arm of the military. Many bases offer sponsorship opportunities to attend base events and set up a booth. To find these, just search MWR (and name of the base).

Task Force Media ( holds events right off military bases, too. One benefit of that is when on base there are more rules in terms of collecting information, plus certain businesses can’t attend an on base event. Task Force Media holds military support events that bring families together for free fun, and in return, companies can purchase booth space, sponsorships, and engagement programs.

TFM’s proposed events for 2021 (COVID depending) are (off base):

July 10 JBLM

July 17 Naval Base Kitsap

Aug 21 JBLM

Sept 18 San Antonio

Oct 23 Luke AFB

Oct 30 JBLM

Oct 30 Fort Hood


Nov 28 – Fort Bragg

Dec 4 San Diego

Dec 5 Camp Pendleton

Dec 11 JBLM

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