411 on the military

Many marketers worry that they’ll start talking to military customers and won’t know how to speak the language.

The masks are coming off

The DoD announced they will follow CDC guidelines and all vaccinated military members and their families are free to go maskless on their military bases. And now is the time to meet these folks in person. Our event program is starting back up in July. Our flier is below. If you would like to meetContinue reading “The masks are coming off”

Where to reach military locally

if the military is a decent percentage of your local payroll, and seeing that with turn over there are always new customers to attract, it is worth getting to know this powerful demographic.

Meet military face to face

Because it is extremely difficult to get on to a military base to distribute your marketing messages in person, it’s good to know there are some legal options to get in front of military customers.


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